The Review "Coulisses"

A Publication of the University Theatre Association
The Review "Coulisses"

Founded in 1989 by Lucile Garbagnati, Coulisses is published by the University Theatre of Franche-Comté in the Annales Littéraires collection of the Presses Universitaires with expert support from the Centre Jacques Petit.

The journal is composed of feature stories designed to juxtapose two standpoints on the theatre- one, a practical perspective and the other, more theoretical or literary.

Features generally focus on an author, a subject or a period of time: Claudel’s Tête d’or, Beckett, British Theatre at the time of Wilde and Shaw, theatre and cinema, postdramatic theatre, theatre and myths. There are also occasional columns such as, “Théâtre d’ailleurs” (showcasing Polish, Algerian or South American theatre) or“Polémique” (an interactive discussion forum).

In each issue, we publish play reviews, mainly franc-comtois productions, emphasizing the regional scope of a particular theatre-related event and, from time to time, interviews with professionals and new/unpublished works (plays or short texts).

This semi-annual journal, of which 200 copies are printed, is designed and run by volunteers who wish to share their love for the theatre and who are only too happy to swell the ranks of our editorial team.

To check out or purchase issues of the journal online, visit the Annales littéraires de l’université de Franche-Comté or Presses universitaires de Franche-Comté via the link below:  

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