What is it?

Each year the UTFC’s international theatre festival takes Franche-Comté by storm.
What is it?

With each passing year, the Festival has come to establish itself as an important event in theatrical production on a local, national and international level . It is an opportunity for the Franc-Comtois public to discover French and foreign amateur theatre as well as to broaden their horizons.

The originality of this festival resides in the fact that it is both educational and festive. It is educational in that discussion sessions following shows, lecture demonstrations, and short training courses form an integral part of the festival. The event therefore constitutes a learning experience for the festival goers.

The event owes its atmosphere of festivity to the fact that it brings together amateur theatre companies from near and far who are all driven by the same passion for the theatre and for discovering other cultures.

The spirit of the festival can be summed up by its two watchwords: sharing and fun!
The fun lies in the joy of performing, meeting new people, sharing, learning and making new discoveries...
Visiting companies have fun getting to know each other during the course of a “bisontine” week, while the audience come to enjoy themselves sating their curiosity for budding forms of theatre or foreign languages.